My career has taken me to the far reaches of the world.  From Los Angeles to New York, from New York to Beijing, from Beijing to Las Vegas, from Las Vegas to San Francisco and many points in between. 

I have worked in episodic television, film and recordings.  My voice can be heard on radio, TV, corporate film and your telephone.  I’ve performed onstage in venues ranging in size from 87 seats to 12,000.  It’s a wonderful ride!

There is no greater gift than making a living doing what you love.  I am grateful for it all!

Feel free to take a look around! 


Thanks for joining me!

“In the end, though, it’s Mercant’s show: she shines incandescently, playing the humorous moments deliciously and rising to the emotional heights of the part with high voltage intensity.”

                                     Dean Goodman